3 Tips For Keeping Spiders Away From Your Storage Unit

When spaces are left unattended for long periods of time, it is not unusual for spiders and other pests to move in and build a home. Most storage unit owners are most uncomfortable with spiders. In fact, 55% of women and 18% of men in western societies fear spiders to some degree. If you don't want to encounter these creepy crawlies on your next visit to your storage unit or find your unit infested with spider webs, take these 3 tips into account.

Fend Them Away with Peppermint Oil and Vinegar

Surprisingly, spiders have a relatively good sense of smell and are particularly not fond of peppermint or vinegar. You can use this to your advantage easily. Peppermint is a rather pleasing scent, and will not generally damage any of the items that you are storing within the unit.

A solution containing half a cup of white vinegar, one and a half cups of water and 20 drops of peppermint essential oil can help keep spiders away. Spray this solution all over the entranceways. You can also spray this solution around the unit – particularly in the corners. Don't hesitate to spray any remaining solution you have on the plastic containers or cardboard boxes you have stored away in the unit.

Dust and Clean the Unit Regularly

Spiders easily make their homes in areas that are dirty or unclean. Clutter creates nooks and crannies for the spiders to hide in. Make sure that your unit is organized and clean at all times in order to remove any hiding spots that the spiders may use to avoid detection. Stack all of the cardboard boxes and plastic containers properly in an aisle. Keep an inventory of the items stored in the unit and donate items that you don't need regularly in order to remove clutter.

In addition, you should consider dusting and cleaning your storage unit regularly so that it is free of dust and spider webs. If you are destroying the spider webs as quickly as the spiders are making them, the spiders will not have an opportunity to flourish within your storage unit. As a result, you'll be able to prevent spiders from infesting your unit.

Check for Leaks and Holes

As most spiders are rather small, they can easily fit through small holes and leaks. This is usually how they find their way into storage units. You can use a thermal imaging camera to check for leaks – especially at corners and at the seams where the floorboard and the walls meet.

Patch up the holes and the leaks as soon as possible in order to barricade the entrance ways for the spiders. You can temporarily patch up the leaks using caulk. On top of checking for leaks and holes, you should also inspect the exterior of the home. Make sure that the exterior is free of leaves, grass clippings, bushes and wood piles that have been known to be notorious spider hangouts. If you notice any large holes, consider contacting the storage unit manager, as this is likely a repair that the facility should be responsible for fixing.


Spiders are most often the most unwelcomed pest in storage units. The webs they weave collect dust, and the spiders themselves are able to easily infiltrate the unit and cause a mess. If you take proactive measures regularly, you can keep spiders away from your unit. It's much easier to prevent the spiders from infiltrating the unit than having to chase away and remove any spiders that have made a home in the unit at a later time. For more tips, check out websites like http://www.allamericanself-storage.com.

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