3 Ways Low-Budget Horror Film Productions Can Effectively Use a Storage Unit

Creating a low budget horror movie requires making the most of your resources, reusing locations, and cutting down on the budget whenever you can. To help keep things going smoothly, you want to stay on a tight schedule and stay organized with your cast, crew, and equipment. As you reach the production stage of a low-budget horror film, you can help everything along with a storage unit rental. For horror films, there are three different ways to effectively use a storage unit while in production. The storage unit can easily be transformed each of these uses as you get through your production.

Prop Building & Storage

A key to many horror movies is crafting creative props. These props can be used to showcase gore, special effects, or other details like monsters. As you are getting ready to shoot, a storage unit can be your ideal location for creating and storing these items. A storage unit has plenty of space to lay out sheets and props for painting, decoration, and applying effects like fake blood.

Rolling racks can easily be brought into the storage until to supply space for hanging costumes and props up. By organizing the items around the storage unit, you can easily access them for a specific day of filming. A single unit allows you to stay fully organized and have access to everything that is needed in one location.

The extra storage space is also ideal for storing pieces of film equipment. During a shoot, you may need to rent video, audio, and lighting equipment. This equipment can be safely stored inside a storage unit when it is not being used. Gated storage unit facilities and locks can help keep the items protected and secure.

Green Screen Taping

When you are renting a storage unit, you have a large open area that can be transformed into a number of uses for your horror film. One way to create worlds and a variety of special effects is with green screen technology. The area inside a storage unit provides plenty of space to easily hang a green scene and tape scenes set in front of the screen.

Many storage units feature blank walls with no windows. This allows you to completely manipulate the lights using portable lighting kits against the green screen. The effects will work more consistently and provide you with multiple angles for creating green screen footage.

Once taping has completed for the day, it's easy to leave the green screen hanging in the storage unit. As the unit is locked and shut, the green screen will remain so it's easy to get back to taping the following day.

ADR Recording Sessions

After the main scenes have been recorded, there are many processes to complete that will help make the final product look more polished. One of these is known as ADR. Technically known as automatic dialog replacement, a storage unit provides an ideal location to perform ADR sessions. You can easily set up a microphone and portable screen for actors to record lines on. The storage unit creates a quiet environment that helps eliminate distractions and allows you to get the audio recorded quickly. For a horror film, the units are great for capturing screams, monster sounds, and low pieces of dialog.

The units can also give you an ideal place to edit shoots after a day of production. Once all the footage is collected, you can easily upload it to a laptop computer and begin the editing process. This allows you to check the ADR audio, see how scenes are coming along and figure out if any changes or re-shoots need to be made in the coming days.

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