Food Thieves: 4 Types Of Security Cameras To Monitor Your Kitchen

When living in an apartment or house with roommates, sharing food can become an issue when someone is snacking on your meals or stealing expensive items like meats. When placing name labels on your food is not enough, you can help track missing food with the use of security cameras. Security cameras offer easy monitoring solutions and can even act as a deterrent if the roommates know that they are there. There are four types of security cameras you can use to help monitor food areas. Each type of camera helps provide different angles and views of food storage areas in your kitchen.

Overhead Cameras

If someone is going into the fridge, it may be hard to see what types of foods they are actually pulling out. Help get a clear view of the refrigerator area with an overhead security camera. An overhead camera provides a wide-angled view of the kitchen and can be set over the top of a refrigerator. The camera is typically mounted to a ceiling using screws or a strong adhesive.

Overhead cameras can be installed as IP cameras. These cameras offer a direct connection over a Wi-Fi network and allows you to stream footage on devices like tablets or cell phones. The IP connection can give you real-time footage along with access to previously taped clips. You can quickly scan through footage to see if specific foods were stolen and who stole them.

Hidden Pantry Cameras

If your home has a food pantry, then the closet can be a treasure chest of foods for snacking roommates in your home. Easily monitor the inside of your food pantry with hidden cameras that can blend into the area. Hidden camera designs include cookie jars, bottles of water, or wall outlet panels. Security companies can provide you with a full list of the hidden cameras they have available for sale.

The hidden cameras can directly record a person entering the pantry and capture the items that are removed. Motion detectors built into the cameras can ensure they will only record footage when movement is detected. This will help save storage space and provide you with just the essential footage to look back on. Pantries can often be dark, so finding a camera with night vision will help improve the visuals for recording in the area.

Hidden Kitchen Cameras

Along with placing hidden cameras inside a pantry, you can have hidden camera designs in the kitchen. There are numerous kitchen products that feature small hidden cameras on them. The key to keeping the cameras hidden is by purchasing a camera that doubles as a working device. For example, you can purchase a coffee maker with a built-in camera. The coffee maker actually makes coffee while a camera can record motion movements and capture footage. Additional hidden cameras for the kitchen include wall clocks, small plants, and smoke detectors. Choose a camera that fits in with your kitchen decorations and can effectively record footage.

Cold Weather Cameras

Monitor everything inside the fridge by installing a camera directly inside it. The key to using a camera inside of a refrigerator is having one that can withstand cold temperatures. The average fridge is set at temperatures around 40 degrees. By purchasing a security camera that is made to handle extreme weather, you can have direct surveillance inside of a fridge. This allows you to monitor expensive drinks or special areas like meat drawers. Cameras on a stand are easy to place inside of a fridge and leave there. Smaller cameras can also be mounted to the side or top of the inside walls of the fridge using a removable adhesive.

Work with security companies, such as Intellex Security, to help set up various cameras and ensure that your food areas remain secure.

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