3 Questions To Ask When Getting A New Copier For Your Company

Purchasing a new copier for a company is a major decision. Copiers are significant financial investments, and it's important to get one that will meet your company's particular needs. If your company needs to upgrade its copier, here are three questions to ask the copier salesperson you're working with that will help ensure you get the perfect copier for your business without breaking your company's budget.

What Copy Volume Do You Suggest Planning For?

Commercial copiers are built to handle a maximum number of copies each month, which is their copy volume. Before comparing copiers, you'll need to know how many copies your company should expect to make each month so that you can look at copiers that are built to handle at least that number of copies.

Your copier salesperson can help you determine how many copies to plan for by looking up how many copies your current copier has made in its meter. A copy machine's meter is like the odometer of a car. Just as an odometer keeps track of the total number of miles driven, a meter keeps track of how many documents have been copied during the lifespan of the copier. In addition to listing the total number of copies, the meter might also list the number of black-and-white, colored and oversized copies.

You can likely find out how to check the meter reading of your company's copier by checking the owner's manual, but it's often easier to let a salesperson who specializes in copiers look it up because they're more familiar with the machines.

By dividing the total number of copies by the number of months your company has had its current copier, you can get an average number of copies per month. Your salesperson might recommend planning on a higher number of copies per month so that the copier will still meet your company's needs if the company grows. Their recommendation, however, should be based on this figure.

What's the Most Basic Machine That Meets the Company's Needs?

Many commercial copiers do much more than simply make black-and-white copies. Some models also do the following:

  • make oversized and colored copies
  • print from computers
  • scan documents
  • fold, staple and hole-punch copied or printed materials

Since your company's already been using a copier, you should have a good sense of what features are necessary, which ones would be nice and which ones your company won't use.

Make a list of the features you need and would like, and then ask your salesperson for their most basic copier that has these features. Fancier machines often cost more and are more complex to learn. By purchasing the simplest machine that meets your company's needs, you should be able to keep your costs low and the learning curve on the new copier easy.

Can I Pay for the Maintenance Quarterly or Monthly?

Instead of paying for just the copier, you might want to also sign up for a maintenance agreement. Doing so will ensure that you don't have to worry about potentially costly repairs, because the supplier of the copier will take care of them for you (according to the maintenance agreement).

When signing up for a maintenance plan, you might be asked to pay for several months of service up front. The payment arrangement, however, is usually negotiable. Ask if you can pay quarterly or monthly, if your salesperson initially mentions other payment arrangements. They may be amenable to such terms, and the arrangement could ease your cash flow because the individual payments would be smaller.

Before you purchase a new copier for your company, make sure to ask these three questions. Your salesperson won't mind answering them, and they'll help ensure you get a new copier that will be perfect for your company.

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