Six Advantages To Owning A Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

If you are a homeowner with a non-private backyard gate or fence, you don't need to completely replace the fence for total privacy. A sensible solution could be simply adding a faux ivy privacy screen to your existing fence. Although the leaves are artificial, a faux ivy privacy screen offers the aesthetic appeal of natural lush greenery, while covering your existing fence for total privacy in your yard. If you are still "on the fence" about whether to purchase a new faux ivy privacy screen, the following is a list of six benefits that just might persuade you to buy one:

1. It Won't Fade or Turn Yellow as a Live Shrub May Do

Under certain weather conditions, the leaves on live plants may fade or turn yellow. Even some artificial plants may fade due to exposure of the sun. However, a faux ivy privacy screen is typically treated to resist fading or sun damage from ultraviolet (UV) light. Polyester is typically the material of choice, and this is naturally resistant to fading. This means you can expect your faux ivy to remain green and vibrant all year round.

2. A Faux Ivy Privacy Screen May Deter Intruders From Writing Graffiti On Your Exterior Walls or Fencing

It is very disheartening for a homeowner to discover written scribble or graffiti on their property. If you want to maintain the quality of a wall or fence, installing the faux ivy as a cover will help discourage any such writings or graffiti.

3. It Offers Easy Installation for Most Do-It-Yourself Handymen

Hiring a contractor for traditional privacy fence installation can be expensive and time consuming. However, with most faux ivy applications, the installation process is relatively easy. Many individuals, even those with limited experience, may find that installing this product can be done without any outside help. 

4. It Will Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

If your yard has imperfections or you store belongings on-site, you might wish to conceal them for aesthetic reasons. Adding a faux ivy privacy screen may hide any of these undesirable visuals, making your home look more attractive.

5. Faux Greenery Won't Be Subject to Pest Infestation

Have you ever had to rid your backyard shrubs or plants of bugs, or experienced damage from these pests? Hiring an arborist or exterminator can be costly. With a faux ivy privacy screen, there is no worry of pest infestation, as the leaves will not be eaten by insects.

6. This is a Versatile Application

You may be inclined to think the faux ivy can only be installed over your existing fence or gate. While this type of installation is most common, there are other ways to make use of this type of product. For instance, if you have a swimming pool safety gate or fence that does not offer privacy, installing the faux ivy screen over that pool fence might provide a solution.

In addition, apartment dwellers with a balcony may prefer extra privacy. With your landlord's permission, you might install the faux ivy screen across the balcony wall for added privacy. Doing so may allow you to feel free to sunbathe or entertain guests on the privacy of your balcony. In most cases, these screens are available in different sizes to meet your needs, or you might have one custom fit.

Also, you can get really creative with a faux ivy screen. You might want to use the screen indoors, as well as outside. One idea is to use the faux ivy over a folding dressing screen in the bedroom. It's a great conversation piece.

For more information and ideas, talk with a company that supplies faux ivy, such as EZ-Ivy.

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