What's Wrong With Your Water System?

You have noticed there is a problem with your water system. Maybe it's stopped producing the same flow, maybe it's making you sick, or maybe you notice that something looks or tastes off about the water. Here are some potential problems that you may be having. 


Clogs can occur in several parts of the water filter system. You could get a clog in the filter itself, for one. That usually happens when the filter has not been changed on its recommended schedule, or when you have a personal (rather than municipal) water supply that contains lots of sediment. You might get away with simply changing the filter to fix this clog. 

Worse clogs can appear within the piping system of your water system. Usually, these should be left to a water system repair expert. The clog might be too far down to reach manually, which means your water system repair team will need to disconnect the entire system in order to reach the clog safely. Never try to operate on a water system that is still connected; you could end up with an injury or a flooded room. 

Lack of Water Softener

Some problems with taste or appearance are simply due to the lack of a water softener. It's nothing your water filter is doing wrong because it wasn't designed to take out minerals from your water. Water softeners use chemistry to attract mineral particles out of the water, and many of these are too small to get caught by a filter. When there is no water softener in place, your water may look chalky, have a weird aftertaste, or appear to be bubbly. 

Hole in the Filter

A hole in the filter could be responsible for water that is not being treated properly. You might notice that you have repeated illnesses if you are providing your own water. 

Disconnected or Loose Pipe

A disconnected or loose pipe could be the source of lower water pressure, but be careful, because this could also mean you have a leak in your home. 

In any of the situations above, it is best to hand the problem over to a water system repair team. They will troubleshoot the system and provide quality repairs. They may suggest replacing or upgrading parts as needed. They can also integrate a water filter with a water softener, or vice versa. If your goal is to have a great tasting, efficient water supply, then a water system repair team is your best bet. 

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