Are You Planning A Cremation Memorial Service For Your Spouse In Your Home?

Did your husband or wife recently pass away? If so you are probably mourning the loss of your best friend. Did your husband or your wife choose cremation instead of what many consider a "traditional" burial? Maybe you decided together that both of you would choose to be cremated. No matter the scenario, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Display Of Your Spouse's Favorite Things - Think of having a display that depicts your spouse's favorite things and of things that tell a story of his or her life. For example, maybe your spouse loved horses. Obviously, you won't be able to bring a horse into your living room. However, that doesn't mean that you can't display the ribbons the horse won. Was your spouse a gifted artist? If so, think of displaying paintings or sculptures that he or she created. Was he or she a violinist or did he or she play the guitar? Then display his or her musical instrument.

A display of photographs will also tell the story of your spouse's life. For example, gather photographs of your spouse from their time of birth until the present time. Include family photographs and snapshots taken with friends. Even show silly photographs that show your spouse's personality. For example, if he or she dressed up as a clown for Halloween even though he or she was an adult, you may want to display that picture.

The Cremation Memorial Service - If you are having the service at your home, that probably means that only family members and close friends have been invited. If that's the case, consider asking those present to say a few words that relate to times spent with your husband or wife. You might be surprised to find out new things about the person you loved so deeply. For example, one individual might talk about high school pranks that the two of them did together. Won't that add a needed lighter tone to the service? Your ecclesiastic leader might share about times that your spouse gave service to somebody in need.

If your children are present, would they like to be given the opportunity to share tender stories about their deceased parent? What about you? Will you be up to speaking about the person you love so dearly? This might be the perfect time for you to express your feelings. It will also be an appropriate time for you to express love and gratitude to those who have stood by your side during this difficult time. 

For more information on cremation memorial services, contact a crematory like the Crematory of Forsyth.

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