How Fast Can You Fold A Product Carton? Products Shipped Folded And Ready To Unfold

So many products in this world come in a folding carton. You have probably never thought about it much, but that pizza you ordered last night came in a folding carton. That shipment of goods you bought for your business also came in a folding carton. In fact, packaging of nearly every kind is really a folding carton because when you remove the tape that holds the carton together, the carton folds flat.

As a business, you might be looking for ways to ship products. Rigid cartons do well to protect breakable goods, like cell phones. However, if you can purchase folding cartons that are durable enough for your products, you can purchase the cartons flat and fold them yourself. Here is what you need to do that and why you might want to purchase flat cartons and fold them in-house.

Find a Folding Carton Package Design Company

These companies will help you design a package that is both easy to use and functional. They will examine your products to determine how to design a package around the products. Then they will design boxes and cartons that effectively protect the products and make it easy to fold and unfold the boxes and cartons. 

If the Package Design Company Only Designs, Find the Package Manufacturer

Next, you have to find a package manufacturer. If the package design company only designs and does not create your package, a separate company for making each folding carton has to be found. This company will mass-produce your foldable packaging, making it all flat, and ship pallet after pallet of flattened packaging to your business. 

Fold by Hand or by Machine

If your own factory is large enough, you can invest in machines that will help fold every carton/box and ready it to receive a product from another area of your factory. Otherwise, if your business is too small to afford machinery that folds and sets up the packaging on the assembly line for boxing product, you and all of your employees can fold the flattened cartons by hand to package the product. It requires a lot of speed and a system of movement that helps make things faster. 

Why You May Want to Purchase Flattened Packaging and Fold It Yourself

It is significantly cheaper to ship thousands of folding cartons that have been folded flat versus shipping thousands of cartons that are ready to stand up and receive products. You could save a lot of money this way. It is also beneficial to smaller companies that have the laborers to help with opening up the flattened packaging into carton form. 

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