3 Reasons It's Important For A Leg Prosthetic To Be Custom-Made

The World Health Organization estimates that there are roughly 30 million people in the world who need some kind of prosthetic or orthotic device. Losing one of your legs can be a devastating experience, but having a well-made prosthetic can make all the difference in your quality of life. While it is possible to order leg prosthetics and other prosthetic devices that are not custom-made specifically for you, it is always best if you look into custom prosthetics. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why it is always important to have a prosthetic leg custom-made. 

1. Every person has a different body shape. 

No matter how similar two people may be in weight, height, or other attributes, every individual has their own body shape. This is an important factor when it comes to how comfortable a prosthetic leg is once you put it on. For example, you may weigh the same as another person, but you may have a leg that has a larger circumference. When you get custom leg prosthetics, the professionals will take precise measurements of your body to ensure the most comfortable fit. 

2. Individuals distribute weight on their limbs in different ways. 

When you stand, walk, bend, or otherwise put weight on your remaining leg or the new prosthetic, you will apply your weight in a different way than the next person. For example, you may put 60 percent of your bodyweight on your actual leg and 40 percent on the prosthetic leg when you stand. During the process of obtaining a custom-made prosthetic leg, the professional making the prosthetic will be examining several aspects of how you walk, stand, and distribute your weight on each of your limbs during different movements. 

3. The prosthetic has to be designed according to how the surgery was performed.

When an amputation is done, the surgeon will take their own unique approach to perform the procedure. The remaining amount of bone and tissue can drastically vary from person to person. All of this has to be taken into consideration when a prosthetic is made. Otherwise, a good fit will not be achieved. For example, if you have more muscle and tissue remaining, the prosthetic will need to be made to accommodate that tissue in a comfortable way. Or, if there is more bone and less tissue, the prosthetic will need a different design to offer comfortable support for the bone. 

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