Your Parking Lot Needs Line Stripes To Comply With ADA Laws And To Create Order In Your Lot

If you own a retail store with a parking lot, it's important to maintain the lot properly. Part of that includes striping the asphalt when it's needed. Stripes are required by law, and they must be applied in accordance with ADA regulations. Here's why asphalt line striping is important and how you have the work done.

Why Your Parking Lot Needs Lines

The most important reason to apply lines is to make it easier for disabled people to use the lot. Accessible parking spaces are larger and spaced farther apart than the other spaces. Plus, they're closer to the door, which is convenient for people in wheelchairs or those who have trouble with mobility.

Lines also create order in your lot. Without them, people park where they want, and if you have a small lot, that can make it difficult for people to find spaces to park. When the spaces are marked, everyone knows where to park, so you can maximize the space.

Who To Call For The Work

First, decide if you only need new stripes. If your lot has cracks, potholes, or is faded, you might want to call an asphalt repair contractor first to get your lot in shape since stripes are always applied last. If your parking lot is in good shape but the stripes are getting hard to see, then you can call a line striping contractor or an asphalt contractor that applies line stripes to have the work done.

How Asphalt Line Striping Is Done

The first step is to plan out the placement of the parking spaces and lines. If your old lines are visible, the contractor can apply new paint on top of them. If you're having lines applied for the first time, then the contractor has to measure the space carefully and design the lot according to ADA measurements. ADA regulations affect how many accessible parking spots are needed and what the width of the spaces should be. The colors used are also regulated. Fortunately, a line striping contractor is aware of these regulations and makes sure your parking lot will be in compliance.

Asphalt line striping is done with striping equipment that ensures straight lines are created. The work goes fairly fast, and the paint dries fast in sunny weather. Even so, you'll need to block off the portion of the lot being worked on until the paint has dried. The contractor can do parts of the parking lot in stages so there will still be parking spaces available for your customers.

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