Things That Will Determine The Frequency Of High-Pressure Pump Inspections

Inspections need to take place for high-pressure pumps. They show what condition the pumps currently are in as well as highlight pressing issues. How often you need to have these inspections performed on your own high-pressure pumps will be determined by these things.

Pump Age 

Age is one of the more relevant factors to consider when deciding on how often to inspect high-pressure pumps. If you have a newer pump, then you may not need to perform inspections frequently. You'll just need to monitor a couple of components yourself.

Whereas if you have high-pressure pumps that are pretty old — potentially beyond their lifespan — then inspections should be more routine. Then you can keep major breakdowns from happening and resulting in a loss of productivity. More frequent inspections will still help you service older high-pressure pumps in a competent way.

Environments They're Surrounded By

Not all high-pressure pumps are going to be set up around the same environments. Some pumps may be set up strictly indoors, while others may be more exposed to outdoor elements. It just depends on what the high-pressure pumps are being used for.

If you have pumps that are on the outside, then having a frequent inspection schedule may be important. You won't struggle to thoroughly stay on top of signs of weathering when inspections are performed quite regularly. Indoor high-pressure pumps will hold up just fine for the most part because of the controlled conditions, thus allowing you to get away with fewer inspections throughout the years.

Pump Brand

There are different brands available for high-pressure pumps. Brands will dictate a lot of things, including how often the pump needs to be inspected by professionals. You want to look at the brand of high-pressure pump that is on your site and see what the company that made it recommends in an inspection schedule.

Then you can just follow their directions and know you're doing what needs to be done to keep the high-pressure pump in the best condition possible. If you're about to buy more pressure pumps, you might look for brands that don't require as many inspections because then you can save money.

Every high-pressure pump made today will need to be inspected for potential issues. If you find out exactly when these inspections should be completed, you are going to have every opportunity to identify issues and subsequently keep these pumps fully functional. 

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