4 Things To Remove When Selling A Vehicle To A Junk Car Buyer

If your older vehicle needs extensive repairs and you're finding it difficult to justify spending the money to pay for the repairs, it's time to prepare the vehicle to get picked up by a junk car buyer. There are several things you'll want to remove from the vehicle before having it picked up and towed away. Here's what they are.

Remove Aftermarket Parts You Want

Remove any aftermarket parts you want to keep that you had put on the vehicle. Most junk car buyers will give more cash for vehicles that have all 4 wheels and tires, so keep this in mind before removing any aftermarket wheels or good tires from the vehicle. If you still have the original parts and wheels, go ahead and place them on the vehicle so you can sell the aftermarket parts or use them in another vehicle. 

Remove Personal Items

Remove all of your personal items, especially items that could make it easy for someone to break into your home like your garage door opener. In some states, it's easy enough to locate previous owners of a vehicle by running the VIN number. Chances are, the vehicle will be placed in a junkyard if it's inoperable and too expensive to repair. You don't want to run the risk of someone picking through personal items you didn't remember to remove from the vehicle. 

Remove the License Plates 

Be sure to remove the license plate(s) from the vehicle before the towing service arrives to remove the vehicle from your property. You may need to turn your plate in to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles or you could risk being fined, depending on the laws in your state. If you are unsure what you should do, simply err on the side of caution and remove the plates just in case you later find out that you need to turn them in or you want to transfer the plates to another vehicle. 

Remove the Insurance

Wait until after you've transferred the title over to the junk car buyer before you remove the car from your vehicle insurance policy. If you don't have the title to the vehicle to transfer it, wait until you have the receipt from the sale in your hands before canceling the insurance on the vehicle. To be on the safe side, wait until the vehicle is off of your property before you cancel the insurance coverage you have on it.  

For more information, contact a junk car buyer near you. 

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