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5 Internet Translation Tools Businesses Should Invest In

15 July

You may think that your medium or small local business does not need translation services if you are not working with international clients. However, it is important to keep in mind that as of 2007, 20.8% of American households did not use English at home. Offering online solutions for clients who speak languages other than […]

Six Advantages To Owning A Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

17 June

If you are a homeowner with a non-private backyard gate or fence, you don’t need to completely replace the fence for total privacy. A sensible solution could be simply adding a faux ivy privacy screen to your existing fence. Although the leaves are artificial, a faux ivy privacy screen offers the aesthetic appeal of natural […]

Tips For Making More Money On Scrap Copper

14 June

If you have some extra time on your hands and can locate a lot of free scrap metals, you could use your time to make extra cash by selling these metals to a local scrapyard. Scrap metals are valuable and come in many types. The lowest paying type is steel, while one of the most […]

4 Commercial Flat Roof Problems You Can Solve By Applying A Spray-On Coating

13 June

Even if you spent tens of thousands of dollars to install the best and most durable flat roof you could afford, it’s always possible for the roof to wear out before its usual lifespan due to manufacturing defects or installation issues. Depending on what’s wrong with the roof, you may be able to save money […]

5 Ways To Honor Your Deceased Father On Father’s Day

13 June

One of the hardest things about losing your father is that certain days of the year bring back your loss in a very powerful way. Days like Christmas, your father’s birthday, and of course Father’s Day can all be very difficult when your father has passed away. One way to make the most of Father’s […]

Choosing The Right Types Of Mailing Tubes For Shipping Your Goods

13 June

When you are a small business owner that ships out products to customers, making sure your goods reach their destination undamaged goes a long way towards retaining the trust of your customers. However, if you sell odd-shaped merchandise or products that need to be rolled up and shipped in tubes, you cannot rely on using […]

3 Reasons You Need A Paper Shredder At Your Child Care Center

09 June

Do you run a small child care center? If so, you’re entrusted with the safety of the children who attend it. If you don’t have a paper shredder at your establishment, however, you may be violating this trust and putting your daycare business and the children who go there at risk. Read on to learn […]

Helpful Tips For Moving Across Country In A Rental Truck While Towing A Vehicle

07 June

If you are moving across the country and are tackling the experience by renting a truck and towing your vehicle behind it, get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! You don’t want your cross-country move to resemble something out of a National Lampoon movie. Here are a few things that can help your move […]

How To Remove A Defective Start Capacitor And Replace It With A New One

06 June

If your home’s central air conditioning system is blowing warm air through the vents, then the first thing that you should suspect is causing the problem is the start capacitor. Failure of this humble electrical component is a frequent cause of a malfunctioning air conditioning system. The good news for you, as a homeowner, is […]

What You Should Know About The MCS-90 Endorsement

03 June

If you’re starting out as a motor carrier, there are certain certificates and endorsements you’ll need in order to legally operate over the road. One of these endorsements is the MCS-90 endorsement, required by the Federal Motor Carrier Act of 1980 for any motor carrier involved in interstate commerce, under most circumstances. In essence, an […]